A friend connected me and Zoila before my short vacation to FL. They had never met. I feel lucky because Zoiila is an excellent broker. She is knowledgeable to the area and got all information I requested without a second remind. She always answers questions timely. A lot of times I noticed her replying my emails at late night. . I like her doing all things in a just right way. She takes seriously but not too pushy. I do not like to be pushed. She showed me more than a dozen of apartments in Miami downtown in two days before I returned to New York and then left all the rest to her. She got a good attorney, an inspector and even an insurance company for me. She offered to help with the rental lease renewal and she said ” I won’t charge you a fee since he is there already”. All she has done for me makes me consider her a professional. I would like to recommend her to any one near and far who is interested in purchasing property in Miami. It is truly a pleasant experience for me this time

Yun Fei


Such a wonderful professional person! She was very easy to work with! With her professional manner it made the whole process a very enjoyable experience! I would most definitely want to use her services again!

Rana Hall


I can’t say enough great things about Zoila. I live out of town unaware of the process, policy, etc when purchasing. Zoila took the time and went out of her way to educate me. She was spot on when she found my dream home in such a short period of time. She is well equipped with a team of professionals that will assist with the pre/post closing. She is quick, responsive, patient, honest (most important quality for me) and a lot of fun. I found her while doing a google search and I am so happy we connected. I look forward to her further assisting me with finding a tenant and will write another review based on that experience as I’m sure it will be just as pleasant. Looking for an excellent agent? Honestly give Zoila a try!

Annette Cardoza and Carlos Ford


She assisted me in buying a short sale which is a difficult process on its own. She was always available if I had any questions and she will keep me updated on any new information pertaining to the house. Zoila is very professional and I would highly recommend her.

Tercy Nunez

Zoila helped me and my husband find the perfect home for us. She took her time with us. Very knowledgable of the market and the area in which we were looking. Quick to respond to inquiries and phone calls. Her team was also extremely helpful. I highly recommend her!

Millie and Feliz Vazquez


Very honest, Professional and will go the extra mile to help you. Zoila has helped me find tenant for rental as well as properties for sale. I will definetely recommend Zoila Perez Chanquet.

Raquel Gacet


Very thorough, professional, knowledgable and helpful. can not say enough great things about her. Currently helping us find a home after helping with our last two rental properties.

Vanessa Vicente and Taylor Kienholtz


Zoila has been a tremendous help in purchasing a rental property and scouring the south Florida market to find the best available properties. She is a pleasure to deal with and very professional. I recommend her very highly for anyone looking for a great agent in Dade/Broward counties.

Leslie Housefather


The service and personal attention we received from Zoila Perez-Chanquet from Miami Properties was exceptional and unexpected from a Realtor!  She truly is a trustworthy person.  Her  knowledge of the local market and their key contacts in the community helped us in our search for our dream home. After patiently going through listings and explaining important  details with us, she made sure we got the best offer for our previous home and more importantly, the best value purchase for what we were looking for. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommed Zoila Perez-Chanquet to help you in this life changing move. We could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process.

Marisol and Nelson


Zoila is a great Real Estate Professional! Her knowledge of the local area is excellent. Zoila has excellent ability to understand client’s needs. She also gave great ideas that we hadn’t considered prior to our search. When you call Zoila with questions she is very responsive with an answer. She helped us to buy an apartment and find tenant for rental. I would highly recommend Zoila to all my friends and family.

Nadya Cherrepanova


About a year ago, my mom was looking for a place to buy. We had the pleasure to meet Zoila, who very professionally helped us looking for the right opportunity. Zoila is very patient and very helpful in assisting with the client need, very knowledgeable of the real state market. I’d definitely recommend Zoila as a real state agent.
Thank you so much

Meir and Ms. Aron