Getting Around Miami

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Getting around Miami has been made easier and there is more to come.

Miami Rail Hub also known as MIC, Miami Intermodal Center consists of the Miami Central Station located east of the Rental Car Center in MIA (Miami International Airport). Once all developed will serve as Miami-Dade County’s first all-inclusive ground transportation hub. Making it easy for travelers to get to their destination.

Ground Transportation Center USE

This facility is designed to accommodate various transportation connections, hence providing connectivity between transportation options. Currently, the Miami-Dade Transit’s MIA station and Orange Line service, completed in July 2012, is already transporting passengers to and from the airport via Metrorail and Metrobus. The transportation into the airport makes it very convenient for passengers to get to and from the airport. Many traveling to Downtown Miami like the convenience it brings. With a fare of only $ 2.25 one way and $ 5.65 one day pass, many take advantage of this great and easy way to get around Miami.

The MIA Car Rental Center which features 16 car rental car companies under one roof and serves approximately 17,000 customers daily, has the capability to wash and re-fuel 300 vehicles per hour because of its multi-level fueling system – the first of its kind in the U.S. – and state-of-the-art Quick Turnaround Area, which includes 120 gas pump positions and 42 car wash bays on three vehicle storage levels. Is another easy option for visitors that would rather have their own transportation.

The next phase consisting of The Tri-Rail and The Amtrak, has been delayed. This delay is part due to the take over from Florida Department of Transportation, to the MDX, Miami Dade Expressway Authority which will supervise the MIC. A dispute over money between FDOT, which designed and built the MIC, and the general contractor, in which has already been settled and safety issues which have also been resolved.

The Tri-Rail station should be finished in the spring, giving passengers another option to get to Broward or Palm Beach County from MIA. Via the Tri-Rail it also makes it easy to get to the Ft. Lauderdale Internationa Airport, FLL. There are shuttles waiting for passengers in designated stops that will tranport them from the Tri-Rail to the airport. The Amtrak station should be ready in the summer of 2016.

An elevated pedestrian walkway will span across the rail tracks from the public esplanade into the MIA Movers MIC Station.

The MIC Program has also taken into account the Miami-Dade’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program and throughout the MCS facility provisions for bicyclist, and pedestrians, will allow them to safely move about and make their transportation connection, as well lockers and showers for bicyclists.

Like many major cities, Miami is now expanding and taking off high to new levels of service and transportation. Miami is a capital city with beautiful beaches, wonderful weather year round, and much more to offer. Getting around Miami is much easier now, if you are here for a day you are able to board the metrorail and go siteseeing. Passengers that stop at PortMiami can also take advantage of this great and easy way to see the City of Miami.

Come visit Miami maybe you’ll see what the rave is about and decide to make it your final destination!

For more information on Miami, contact me: 305-951-3588. I’ve lived in Miami all my life and I am proud of my city.