Biscayne Boulevard Beautification Project

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Biscayne Blvd


Biscayne Boulevard Beautification Project

Biscayne Boulevard Beautification Project with plans for more greenery and pedestrian friendly streets moves forward. 

Biscayne Boulevard lanes will be narrowed from eight lanes to either four or six. Biscayne corridor from Northeast eighth street south to Biscayne Boulevard Way will be affected. Parking spaces will also be decreased from 388 to 187 but nothing has yet been approved. The decrease in parking spaces will cost the Miami Parking Authority $1.2 million a year revenue, large number! 

“The Miami DDA is in the process of building a three-dimension model that should be ready in the next two to three weeks,” Eric Riel Jr., team leader of planning, design and transportation for Miami’s Downtown Development Authority, said Friday. This model will be used during meetings with state officials. 

The plan would replace a shared bicycle lane with a dedicated lane and widen sidewalks. Cost for medians is $24 million. 

In April this plan was voted in and was announced, as one of my earlier newsletters discussed. As it was said back then, “We have an opportunity to create a grand promenade. There are not many other areas where this could be done,” said authority board member Jerome Hollo. He also went to say, “This will be something great.” Fewer lanes, he said, will slow traffic, making pedestrians safer. 

The good news is that a city study concluded that traffic impact would be minimal once lanes were closed, authority documents say. Some in the area disagree with this statement. As for myself being a Downtown Miami resident, I’m not too sure how this will impact the traffic. There is bumper to bumper traffic when events are in town, Miami Heat games, etc. The traffic is only before the event and once the event is over. I have yet to see Biscayne Boulevard traffic back-ups on regular days. 

The Florida Department of Transportation must agree to reduce lanes and the parking authority must trim parking spaces and reconfigure what’s left, in order to move forward.

Miami-Dade County must redesign intersections, develop a phasing plan, and submit construction documents to relevant agencies. It’s the Miami’s Downtown Development Authority’s task to find funds for the project. 

Already, many Citi Bike stations have been installed throughout the area. These bikes makes it easier for tourist and locals to get around, but we do need to make our street safer. Biscayne boulevard beautification project will assist with this issue, but is this the only way? For more on

Only time will tell if this project will be approved. It’s one of the major projects and I believe, most complicated to date, due to traffic change in such a major boulevard. 

What are your opinions? 

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